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My local nursery does not carry Turf Trust, how do I buy it?
Turf Trust is commonly purchased online in areas without a retailer. 
For a list of nurseries that carry Turf Trust, Click Here

What is the spreader setting for Turf Trust?
If the spreader setting for your spreader is not listed on the back of the bag, measure the opening of your spreader to 1/4" to find the setting.

Can I apply Turf Trust and grass seeds?
Yes, you can apply Turf Trust while seeding.

Will overfeeding burn my lawn?
No, overfeeding Turf Trust will not burn your lawn.

Is Turf Trust pet friendly?
Your pets can be let back on your lawn after applying Turf Trust, but you must water the Turf Trust in well first.

Will Turf Trust stain my sidewalk?
Yes, be sure to sweep Turf Trust off your sidewalk after applying it.

Do I need to water in Turf Trust?
Yes, in order for Turf Trust to become active, it needs to be watered in first.

Where is Turf Trust made?
Turf Trust is made in Florida.

Who manufactures Turf Trust?
Turf Trust is made by Pro Trust Products.

How long does Turf Trust last?
Turf Trust lasts 12-14 weeks.

When should I apply Turf Trust?
Apply Turf Trust in Early March, Late June, Early September, and November.

Can I apply Turf Trust and weed preventer?
Yes, you can apply both together.

For all other Turf Trust questions, e-mail

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