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Spring is an important time to combat the upcoming weeds that will emerge in your lawn.

Applying Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery and Crabgrass Control with Dimension in Spring is the best way to prevent the vast majority of weeds before they show.

Check your pH! It's always important to check your soil pH levels to ensure you are within 6.0-6.8. If your soil pH is low, you must raise your pH in the early Spring. You can raise your soil's pH by applying Mag-i-Cal Calcium Fertilizer.

If you have compact soil or clay soil, it's important to apply Love Your Lawn Love Your Soil. It will help loosen the clay, release tied-up nutrients and enhances grass root development. Creating a biologically healthy soil will in turn allow your grass to grow better.

You can stop 95% of the eventual weeds that would germinate during the Spring and Summer! The weeds that do emerge can be easily killed by spraying it with Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer. It kills the weeds overnight and is easy to use.


  • Apply Mag-i-Cal Calcium Fertilizer (apply if pH levels are below 6.0)
  • Apply Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery
  • Apply Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer (wait four weeks after applying Mag-i-Cal)
  • Apply Kick Start Fertilizer


  • Apply Crabgrass Control with Dimension (if seeding, apply Crabgrass Preventer with Tupersan instead)
  • Apply Grub Killer with Dylox
  • Apply Love Your Soil 6-8 weeks after applying Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer

***If you are seeding in the Spring, don't use Broadleaf Weed Control w/ Gallery or Crabgrass Control w/ Dimension. Use Crabgrass Control w/ Tupersan in April and again in June
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