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Sevin Insecticide Concentrate 16 oz
Sevin Concentrate Bug Killer

Sevin Insecticide Concentrate 16 oz

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Seven® Concentrate kills over 100 types of insects, including Japanese Beetles and Ants. For use on Ornamentals, Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetable Gardens. Contains 16 fl. oz. Sevin® is suitable for virtually any outdoor insect problem. It doesn't penetrate plant tissue and it is easily broken down by the environment. Treats: Alfalfa caterpillar Apopka weevil Apple aphid Apple maggot Apple mealybug Apple pandemis Apple rust mite Aster leafhopper Armyworm Avocado leafroller Bagworms Bean leaf beetle Black cherry aphid Blister beetle California only: California red scale California orangedog Chinch bugs Citrus cutworm Citrus root weevils (adults) Citrus rust mite Corn rootworm adults Cutworms Diamondback moth Eriophyid mites European corn borer Fall armyworm Fruitree leafroller Fuller Rose Beetle Grape colapsis Green cloverworm Harlequin bug Imported cabbageworm Leafhoppers Little leaf notcher (adult) Melonworm Orange Tortrix Pickleworm Plant bugs Rednecked peanutworm Sap beetles Scale insects (black scale, brown soft scale, California red scale [except in CA], citrus snow scale, yellow scale

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