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Love Your Soil
Love Your Soil

Love Your Soil

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Jonathan Green's Love Your Lawn Love Your Soil is an excellent soil conditioner that will provide your soil the best conditions for your grass to grow. Loosens the soil and allows air, water and grass roots to enter the soil easier and stimulates soil microbes to create a healthy environment for your lawn. It contains humates, molasses, amino acids, calcium, sulfur, and iron. 

Love Your Lawn Love Your Soil contains essential nutrients to encourage soil microbes to breakdown nutrients.

Love Your Lawn Love Your Soil should be used 4-6 weeks after your application of Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer. 

Apply in the Late Spring/Early Summer and Fall for best results.

Contains 18 Lbs
Covers 5,000 Sq Ft
5 Stars
Love Your Lawn Review
I applied Love your lawn Love your soil in September as a replacement to gypsum. I've seen improvement as far as water absorption during rains and will continue to use it next year to try and soften my soil up. It is better than gypsum in my opinion because it contains calcium, sulfur and humates.
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Reviewed by:  from Maryland. on 11/23/2013

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