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Lawn Diseases 

The secret to creating a healthy and self sufficient lawn is not as difficult as you may think if you are using the right products. 

Avoid cheap fertilizers! 

Cheap fertilizers contain quick bursts of nitrogen to your lawn and does not give your lawn the proper nutrients a quality fertilizer will give. The quick burst of nitrogen will turn your lawn green initially and make your grass grow fast, and will then lack the proper nutrients to build a strong root system. Quality fertilizers will not only give your lawn all the nutrients it needs for several months, but will also cause controlled growth for your grass, meaning you won't have to cut it as much. 

Create a Healthy Soil!

Creating a biologically healthy soil will allow grass to receive tied up nutrients and enhance root development. 

Love Your Lawn Love Your Soil will loosen heavy, hard packed soil and increase grass root intake of nutrients. It will also increase resistance to drought and heat stress. 

Love Your Lawn Love Your Soil and Mag-i-Cal Calcium Fertilizer increases airflow to grass roots and creates an overall healthier lawn. Love Your Lawn Love Your Soil feeds soil microbes, which makes the soil more alive.

Soil Biology

Your soil's pH should be between 6.0 - 6.5 for the best root growth and nutrient up take. If your soil pH is low, apply 
Mag-i-Cal Calcium Fertilizer.

Why Use Lime
Add a Root Stimulator When Fertilizing!

Thrive contains mycorrhizal fungi, which creates a great atmosphere in your lawns soil and allows fertilizers to intake more nutrients. It should be applied in coordination with any fertilizing. Adding Thrive to your lawn will allow your lawn's roots to take in more nutrients than it normally would. This will make your root system and grass blades stronger and healthier. 

Use pre-emergents!

When dealing with weeds, the best approach is to take a proactive stance. Fight the weeds before they emerge by applying Gallery. Gallery is an effective weed preventer in the Spring because it will suppress broadleaf weeds, including dandelions and clovers, which are very popular in the Spring and Summer. 

Use a Quality Weed Killer!

A good liquid weed killer can go a long way. You can spray away the vast majority of weeds with Speed Zone Weed Killer. It's a highly effective spray that does not require spraying weeds several times. Save time and money by killing off your weeds with the first spray. 

Timing Is Everything!

It is very important to put down your lawn products at the right time. Follow our general lawn schedule to get a better idea of the timing. 

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