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Thatch is the layer between the grass blades and soil. When excess thatch builds up, it is important to dethatch your lawn. A lawn with excess thatch will not be able to absorb water, air and nutrients into the soil for your lawns roots to absorb. This can lead to stress to your lawn, especially during the Summer. A lawn with excess thatch is prone to lawn diseases, such as brown patch, and lawn insects.

If there is lots of excess thatch, you may need to dethatch twice a year. The results are obvious and improvements can be seen immediately. Some of the benefits of dethatching include:

  • Allows nutrients from the surrounding to open up ways to grass roots. Dethatching all the unwanted buildup of dead grass allows space for living grass to thrive.
  • Allows water to reach roots easily. Water can reach deeper in the soil.
  • Oxygen can reach deeper into your lawn to allow better grass growth and a healthier lawn.
Lawn Thatch

In order to retain the health of your lawn, it might be necessary to thatch your lawn yearly. There are a few signs to recognize the intensity of excess thatch. Dead grass is a sign of the need of dethatching. Before it gets worse and the treatment involves shaving the whole lawn and replacing it, dethatching may solve the problem.

To avoid building up excess thatch, use Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer. If you use a lawn fertilizer with high amounts of nitrogen, it can cause your lawn to build thatch.

  1. Cut your grass a little shorter than normal
  2. Wait until your lawn is mostly dry
  3. Use a hard dethatcher rake to rake out dead grass (or a dethatching machine)
  4. Gather dead grass and throw it away
  5. Follow with aerating, seeding, and fertilizing
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