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Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed
Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

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Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Ultra Seed mixtures grow well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial shade. It is best in areas of the North East and Mid West. 
* Dramatically dark green color—immediately apparent to the end user.

* Waxy coating on leaf tissue—provides excellent drought tolerance.

* Roots go as deep as four feet—turf withstands heavy traffic and stress.

* Less fibrous leaves—allows for cleaner cutting. Fast healing from mower injury. Less scar 
tissue. Less shredding of leaf while cutting.

* Excellent Disease Resistance—especially Brown Patch. Pathogens have little chance to enter
the cuticle due to a thick, waxy coating and fast sealing mower cuts.

* Early Spring Green Up—makes your lawns stand out early in the year.

* Insect resistant.

* Genetically darker green color requires less fertilization to maintain appearance. Helps to
reduce costs as well as exposure to environmental issues.

* Slow vertical growth—requires less mowing.

* Forms a dense uniform turf—enhancing your reputation.


Dakota Tall Fescue - 29.55%

Montana Tall Fescue - 29.50%

Tonto Tall Fescue - 19.65%

Madison Kentucky Bluegrass - 9.82%

Frontier Perennial Ryegrass - 9.82%

Inert Matter - 1.60%

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