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Black Beauty Grass Seeds

Black Beauty Grass Seeds

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Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Seed mixtures grow well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial shade.
* Dramatically dark green color—immediately apparent to the end user.

* Waxy coating on leaf tissue—provides excellent drought tolerance.

* Roots go as deep as four feet—turf withstands heavy traffic and stress.

* Less fibrous leaves—allows for cleaner cutting. Fast healing from mower injury. Less scar
tissue. Less shredding of leaf while cutting.

* Excellent Disease Resistance—especially Brown Patch. Pathogens have little chance to enter
the cuticle due to a thick, waxy coating and fast sealing mower cuts.

* Early Spring Green Up—makes your lawns stand out early in the year.

* Insect resistant.

* Genetically darker green color requires less fertilization to maintain appearance. Helps to
reduce costs as well as exposure to environmental issues.

* Slow vertical growth—requires less mowing.

* Forms a dense uniform turf—enhancing your reputation.

5 Stars
Black beauty grass seed
Great germination with this seed. Had an easy time growing it in the fall.
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Reviewed by:  from maryland. on 2/20/2016

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